First half miscues carrying over

It’s the first series after the All-Star break. Tribe players had the opportunity to go home, relax, and recharge their batteries for the second half. A fresh start? Not quite. The team seems to still think they are on break. They have just completed Game #90 and the Indians are still displaying the same kind of bad baseball that had them 18 1/2 games back in the Central going into the All-Star break.

Game 1: Poor execution with runners on base. Yes, they won the game, but were more or less bailed out by the four home runs and left several runs on the table.

Game 2: Bullpen. Because the Tribe’s pen has been so out of whack this season, Wedge was forced to use the youngster Mujica in the critical 10th inning, a move which ultimately lost the game.

Game 3: Errors and execution with RISP. Look no further than the first and sixth innings. After errors by Broussard and Belliard, Sabathia found himself in an early and unecessary 2-0 hole. In the sixth, the Tribe had runners on second and third with nobody out and managed to only squeeze one run from it. As good as the Indians offense can be at times, they continue to leave runners in scoring position like it’s their job.

So there you have it. The Tribe continues, for whatever reason, to struggle. The same problems that plagued them in the first half have apparently not gone away and are creeping up once again in the second half. Different series, same story for this beleaguered club.

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