Say it with me: “We want Marte!”

If Mark Shapiro hasn’t been feeling pressure to cut the cord on Aaron Boone and call up slick-fielding, power-hitting third baseman Andy Marte from Buffalo as his replacement, he will after last night’s Triple-A All Star Home Run Derby:

When the best power hitters in Triple-A baseball were finished, a number of balls had left the park and pounded onto the pavement beyond the high barricade in left field. Andy Marte of the Buffalo Bisons, a top prospect in the Cleveland system, won the competition by hitting 29 home runs, and as shot after shot disappeared into the night sky, Tribe fans had to be saying: “Get this guy to Cleveland.”

Um…yeah. As I stated in a previous post, it’s got to be difficult to make such a move (replacing an established, albeit struggling, veteran with an unproven prospect) because it signals the end of your season (most likely), but enough is enough. At the very least, Marte can’t possibly be any worse than Boone, although some readers recently have commented on the effects of team chemistry, and losing Boone would certainly change the chemistry. Still, Marte is a very good defensive third baseman and, obviously, the kid can hit.

Now, let’s see him do it at the Jake.

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