Victor moving to first?

The Indians made another roster change Friday by recalling catcher Kelly Shoppach and designating Tim Laker for assignment. Victor Martinez played his first ever major league game at first base for the Tribe. With the move, has the Indians organization given up on Victor as a catcher? He has been behind the plate long enough to be able to successfully throw out basestealers, but he can’t. Was this just an experiment or have the Indians really lost hope with Victor ever becoming a quality major league catcher?

As far as I’m concerned, it is a good decision on the organization’s part if they really do decide to permanently move Martinez to first base. While Shoppach is not the greatest hitter, his defense is apparently what scouts love about him. The Indians can’t afford to continue on with a below average defensive catcher. Give Victor the first base job, trade either Broussard or Perez, and develop Shoppach, or even Garko, behind the plate. Garko came out of Stanford as a catcher but the Tribe view him as a first base prospect. Maybe then Martinez won’t have to worry as much about his knees getting all screwed up and the Indians would finally have a power source at first base, a position of power.

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