Shapiro indicates trades not imminent

Indians GM Shapiro says the club is exploring options to improve the team, but trade discussions are moving slowly.

“That’s involving a whole lot of conversations with a lot of general managers, in which there is still very little life to making larger moves right now,” Shapiro said. “And it’s also intense internal conversations, in, do we have the guy internally here who we think can make us a better team?”

Don’t expect a trade to happen anytime soon. Until it gets closer to the trading deadline it will not be clear for several teams whether they are buyers or sellers. Things will start to heat up on the trade market in about a month but in the meantime, Shapiro is on the phone and having as many conversations as possible with other general managers.

Bullpen woes have been an issue for the Tribe all season and one step was taken last week to try to shake things up in that area. Scott Sauerbeck was having a rough year on and off the field and the Indians recently designated him for assigment and recalled Rafael Perez from Akron. This clearly was not Sauerbeck’s year. Something had to be done and Shapiro made the right call by cutting the cord with him. Perez really can’t do much worse, can he? The Indians still have a mess to deal with in Mota, however.
The Indians unfortunately have more concerns than just relief pitching and Shapiro is doing all he can to keep talks open with several teams.

“I think you need to be constantly active in reaching out to the clubs that you feel that you could have a fit with, just to get a feel for what kind of deal they’re looking to do,” Shapiro said. “Are they a team that would consider right now trading a Major League player for prospects? Are they a team that would have to be big league for big league deal?

At this point in time, the only moves the Indians can make to improve themselves are from inside the organization. I’ve said it for awhile now and several other Indians fans agree with the notion of bringing up Jeremy Sowers and dumping Jason Johnson. Sowers is wasting his time in AAA and needs to be pitching at the major league level right now.

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