Browns star in news for wrong reasons

The Cleveland Browns have some bad news to deal with as minicap approaches. Phil Savage, Romeo Crennel and the front office have been dwelling on a solid draft and the recovering of their two stars, Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow. The Browns offense is looking as strong as the Bernie Kosar days, with the improved offense line and talented players at the skilled positions.

As a Cleveland fan, you knew something had to go wrong, everything was going to smooth. We open the paper to see Reuben Droughns accused of beating his wife and throwing her out door of their home.

Droughns is free bail and his wife is trying to get the charges dropped. This type of activity and press is what started William Green on his downward slide as a Cleveland Brown. Savage and Crennel have very little patience for this type of behavior and Iím positive the NFL will have something to say about it. He could receive anything from probation to a suspension. As we look to next season, I hope this offense can stay together through injuries and off the field embarrassments.

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