Cavaliers’ success prompts extension for Brown

Mike Brown was rewarded for his first-year success with the Cavaliers as he was given a contract extension Thursday by the organization. Brown originally signed a three-year deal worth $10 million, but the team picked up the option he had on his fourth year. Brown helped lead the Cavaliers to a 50-win season and their first playoff appearance in eight seasons.

“It seemed like the right thing to do,” general manager Danny Ferry said. “From [owner] Dan Gilbert’s perspective and my perspective, this is the guy we believe is the right one to lead our team, and why not show the commitment to him.”

While he had some flaws as a rookie coach, Brown did a great job communicating to his players and keeping them together through difficult times. Larry Hughes was lost to injury halfway through the season but Brown did not allow the loss of their second leading scorer to bring the rest of the team down. He kept them focused and playing at a high level. Danny Ferry says he is very respected by the Cavalier players and having that chemistry between coach and players is extremely important for any ballclub.

“You looked at the energy of the group, the trust that they had in him, the high level of communication. It was a good, healthy, strong, rich environment,” Ferry said. “That was a big reason. Making the playoffs just affirmed the direction we wanted to go. I really believe this is the right decision.”

Brown came in as a defensive minded coach and although the Cavaliers’ defense wasn’t spectacular, he was able to install his system in his first year. It was evident as the season progressed, and especially in the Detroit playoff series, that the players began to grasp Brown’s defensive strategies. After all, defense wins championships and Mike Brown seems to be the right kind of guy leading this team going forward.

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