Cleveland: A proud city with an embarrassing voice

I was recently riding home from work and decided to turn on 1100 (WTAM) to see if the Indians game was complete. The game was over and the Indians had lost, but to my dismay Mike Trivisonno (Triv) was on the radio attempting to debate sports with callers. I took about 10 minutes to listen to this man. I have to say the city of Cleveland should be embarrassed. WTAM is broadcasted through many counties, states and a couple countries to numerous types of listeners.

This guy was rude, controlling and never allowed someone to finish a statement that didnít agree with his. This is a very cheap imitation of Clevelandís famous Pete Franklin, who allowed callers to finish a thought. In the short time that I was listening to this show, I counted 5 callers that were hung up on in the middle of a sentence. What is this? If this is a sports talk show, allow people to talk sports. I couldnít determine if this guy had any knowledge because he only wanted people on the line who agreed with him.

When you become a sports reporter or broadcaster, you understand that people will disagree with you and question your facts. I have always heard that the only reason his ratings are so high, is the ability of WTAM to reach so many customers. This is a good reason why reading this site and debating with us is such a refreshing change. I may always think Iím right, but I will at least respect and read your opinion.

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