Jones’ jumper moves Cavs to round two

We’ve criticized him for most of the season but the “best shooter in the world” delivered the shot heard round the world Friday night as Damon Jones sinked a jumper to send the Cavaliers to the next round. Cleveland, whose bench outscored Washington’s 57-24, came away with the Game 6 victory as Jones knocked down the game-winning shot from the corner as the Cavs beat the Wizards 114-113 in yet another overtime thriller. Gilbert Arenas finished with 36 points but missed some key free throws down the stretch to give the Cavs a chance to win the game. LeBron may have gotten in Gilbert’s head while he was at the free throw line late in the game.

“I told him if he missed both of those free throws, the game was over,” James said.

And sure enough, LeBron was right. Although it was the most least likely player who came through in the clutch. Damon Jones, who registered less than five seconds in the game, showed incredible poise by coming in at the end of overtime and hitting the big shot. Bring on the Pistons!

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