Winslow working to silence doubters

Kellen Winslow II took time to talk about how his rehab is progressing and what he is doing to prepare for the 2006 season. Being out of action for nearly two full seasons can be extremely trying on any athlete but Winslow has stayed upbeat and focused during these difficult times.

The self-confidence and motivation of a football player are severely tested after going through two major knee operations in two consecutive seasons. Winslow, however, is as driven and passionate as ever to prove to the organization and the fans that he can return to the field strong and healthy.

“This is it,” Winslow said. “I have something to prove to everybody, and to myself. This is it. It’s time to do it.”

K II’s attitude has been very admirable during his rehab process. He seems like he has learned a great deal about himself over the last couple years, specifically regarding his motorcycle accident. Winslow realizes that he is not invincible and that bad things can happen no matter how untouchable you think you are. He has put his mistakes behind him and is working his tail off to get back to full force.

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