Streak continues, Cavs lose

Itís starting to get a little ugly now. The Cavaliers got beat again Wednesday night, this time to the Sacramento Kings, 97-90. The defeat extends their losing streak to five, including their third straight at home. Cleveland started slowly but jumped out to a 14 point lead early in the second quarter. However, with the help of some good shooting by the Kings and defensive lapses by the Cavs, Sacramento put up 35 points in the third quarter. And as has been the case for the last several games, the Cavaliers struggled to take charge and execute in the fourth quarter. Sacramento, using only a seven man rotation, had all players in double figures. For the Cavaliers, James, Ilgauskas, and Murray all scored 19.

Getting beat by Detroit twice was tough to take, but letís face it, they are the best team in the East. But tonightís loss, frankly, was unacceptable especially considering the Cavaliersí large lead early on. In a game we needed in the worst way, we struggled again down the stretch against a team who is 11 games under .500 on the road. The team knows about last yearís collapse and they definitely are pressing.

“Right now, it’s all, ‘Here we go again,'” Cavaliers forward Donyell Marshall said. “Obviously, with the talk of last year, we try not to let that affect us, but I think it’s affecting us right now.”

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