Sabathia withdraws from WBC

Can’t say I’m upset about this one:

New York Mets closer Billy Wagner and Cleveland pitcher C.C. Sabathia withdrew Wednesday from the U.S. roster for the World Baseball Classic and were replaced by Washington right-hander Gary Majewski and Yankees left-hander Al Leiter.

“Although I would love to pitch in the inaugural World Baseball Classic and am proud to represent my country, I will not be ready to pitch in a competitive-game environment when play begins on March 7,”Sabathia said in a statement released by the Indians.

It would’ve been kind of cool to see C.C. out there but this could be the year Sabathia finally steps up as a true staff ace. I’m not saying him skipping the WBC will propel him to a 20-win season, but it should help ensure that he doesn’t wear down at some point during the year.

My only question would be, why did he wait so long to drop out? Now the U.S. Team is left with…Al Leiter? Really? Ugh.

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