Cavalier fans need to accept reality

The Cleveland Cavaliers have lost four straight games. This team is tired and seems to be searching for answers. LeBron James, on the other hand, puts in a total effort game after game. I was amazed and embarrassed as I listened the Cleveland fans boo LeBron as he missed four straight free throws.

I really believe Cleveland fans should educate themselves on why the Cavs are losing. I won’t buy into the injury theory. I have concluded that coaching and hustle are the top two reasons for the current skid. LeBron James doesn’t fall under either one of these categories. Michael Jordon, Kobe Bryant and Larry Bird wouldn’t have been champions without a strong supporting cast.

It’s absolutely Mike Brown’s responsibility to bring the best out in this team and develop cohesiveness between his players. The Cavaliers, on offense, stand around and watch LeBron perform. They should just buy a ticket and watch the game next to me. It falls squarely on Coach Brown’s shoulders to make this offense flow.

Also, this team has high paid veteran players that should know how to win. The Detroit Pistons, who already have a championship ring, still showed more desire to win than the underachieving Cavaliers squad. So, Cleveland fans, before you boo LeBron James again, please remember this guy has heart, desire and hustle. He just can’t carry the whole team on his back. I think LeBron James is the only bright spot on this team and we better appreciate his talents before we lose them.

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