James can’t do it all…..

The Cleveland Cavaliers are starting to look very similar to the team of last year that first tired, then collapsed at the end of the season. This year, the Cavaliers are far enough ahead to make the playoffs, but if they continue to play at this level will be a quick and disappointing exit.

LeBron James is talented enough to keep Cleveland competitive, but if the backcourt continues to be inconsistent the Cavs will struggle. Eric Snow plays good defense, but canít hit the outside shot and isnít a strong floor general. Damon Jones continues to shoot and Damon Jones continues to miss.

GM Danny Ferry traded Cavalier guard Mike Wilks to Seattle for 6-4 shooting guard, Flip Murray. This move was to offset injured Larry Hughes and give LeBron some help on the offensive end. The trade could be a steal, but the team will still need to play better for Cleveland to have a strong finish. Ferry may want to reconsider his ďno major movesĒ theory.

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