The NEW Ohio State University

The Ohio State University has come a long way the past couple years. It seems like ages ago that John Cooper was consistently losing to Michigan, Maurice Clarettís antics and Jim OíBrienís firing. The last couple years OSU has really righted this ship and started to become the envy of most major universities.
This is why itís so critical that the NCAA uses proper judgment and doesnít apply any further sanctions against the OSU basketball team. I believe that Coach Matta is keeping quiet on this situation because he is waiting to see the results of the investigation. Matta is a fast track coach that loves OSU, but has to use good judgment while he waits for the results.
If the NCAA does a shocking reversal, look for Matta and his recruits to possibly look elsewhere to continue their careers. This would be a severe blow for an Ohio State program that has recovered quickly from such a shocking end to Jim OíBrienís career. I believe that the NCAA will use proper protocol and inflict no further punishment to the program. This will allow OSU to make a quick trip to the top in basketball, just like in football. Letís hope Iím right and the chant OHÖIO will be heard year round.

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