Let’s all just admit that Dolan is CHEAP!!!

I recently caught myself reading articles on the Cleveland Indians and constantly saying “we are building a winner”. It’s cheap and less risky to continue building a winning team. The expensive and challenging part is maintaining one. The Indians (Dolan) are always focused on the future. The batting average for Coco Crisp against competitive teams was huge and he always stepped up in the key situation. The same can’t and shouldn’t be said for Aaron Boone or Casey Blake.
The Boston Red Sox want to win now, hence they didn’t ask for either one of them. The Cleveland Cavaliers owner, Dan Gilbert, is out spending money and creating an entertaining and competitive franchise. Mr. Dolan, if you can hear all of us baseball fans, “win now”, before all the young talent you have leaves for big money or start to slide. We need to start saying this is year, and not next year in this town!

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