Coco deal dead…alive…dead…now, apparently, alive again

There’s been a lot of talk the past couple days about the much-rumored Coco Crisp/Andy Marte trade between the Indians and Red Sox falling apart, being reworked and falling apart again, so much so that I’ve chosen not to blog about it again until something appeared immenent, one way or another.

Well, that time has come. Many media outlets are reporting that the Tribe and Phillies have completed the Jason Michaels/Arthur Rhodes swap, which would seem to indicate that the Coco trade is back on as well. Otherwise, the Indians have absolutely no need to pick up Michaels.

Ken Rosenthal from seems to back this sentiment up by reporting that the Sox and Indians are moving closer to completing the Crisp/Marte deal, though he’s not sure yet who else may or may not be included. One rumor I’ve heard is the Indians may still be getting Marte and Mota back, but Boston may have agreed to send more compensation to the Tribe if Mota spends a specified amount of time on the DL this season with arm problems. Interesting.

So it’s not official just yet, but it looks like we’re close.

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