UPDATE: Coco deal on hold

The Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting that the Arthur Rhodes/Jason Michaels trade is in limbo because Red Sox reliever Guillermo Mota failed his physical Tuesday, putting the Coco/Marte deal on hold.

The paper suggests that the Sox could figure out some other way to compensate for the loss of Mota, in which case the deal would still get done. I agree. The only reason the Indians are doing this deal is to get their third baseman of the future, Andy Marte. They’re not going to let a reliever get in the way of finalizing this thing. If anything, take Riske and Mota out of the equation. That would solve the problem.

I love Coco, but I’m still hoping this deal gets done. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Now the ABJ is reporting the same story, but they’re taking it a step further, saying the Crisp/Marte deal may in fact be off:

According to a baseball operative in Philadelphia, the Indians called with the news that Mota had flunked his physical and said, “The deal is dead.” Apparently, he was referring to both parts of the swap.

Maybe Marte was more important to the Tribe than I thought.

JAN. 25 UPDATE: The Boston Herald reported today that the Reds are trying to get involved, with the likely scenario being the Reds getting Sox starter Matt Clement, the Sox getting Coco, and the Indians receiving Marte from Boston and OF Austin Kearns from the Reds. Of course, the Tribe would have to give up something else in return to get this done, with the paper suggesting it could grow into a nine-player deal. There were reports a few days ago that the Indians offered Jake Westbrook to the Reds for Kearns earlier this winter but were rejected, so this latest three-team rumor may have some legs.

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