Tribe still dangling Coco?

The Boston Globe says they are:

Also yesterday, there were ongoing conversations between the Sox and Indians aimed at bringing outfielder Coco Crisp to Boston. The deal, according to a major league source, probably would cost the Sox top prospect Andy Marte and probably would include multiple players changing sides.

I love Coco and think he’s a fantastic #2 hitter, but this would be a tough deal to pass up. Marte is a future stud. In fact, I’ve read that, had Marte stuck around for his entire college career, he would’ve been a senior this year and likely would’ve been the first pick in the draft. The Sox are desperate for a centerfielder now that Johnny Damon’s wearing pinstripes, and while Coco’s a very good player, the Indians have several promising outfielders in the minors who could fill his shoes.

Of course, the question then becomes, what would the Indians do this season if they pulled the trigger? Would Marte get a chance to start at third? If so, what about Aaron Boone? I suppose they could move Boone to first, but you just signed Eduardo Perez to be the righty platoon with Ben Broussard at first. There’s also an ongoing rumor that, should the Indians pull the trigger on this deal, they’d then turn around and trade for young Braves outfielder Ryan Langerhans.

In the short term, a Crisp/Marte deal may hurt the Indians’ chances at competing with the Sox this year, but if Marte earns a starting job right away and turns out to be the real deal, that may not even be the case. Regardless, as much as I like Coco, it’s hard to justify turning down a deal for someone as young and talented as Marte.

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