Giles out, now what?

Giles re-signs with the Padres, and I’m bummed out.

People said all along that Giles wanted to stay in San Diego but it didn’t look like the Pads were going to meet his contract demands. Well, scratch that. At least the Yankees didn’t get him, right?

But where does this leave the Tribe? It looks like they won’t re-sign Millwood…and they missed out on Giles…and Ryan…and Farnsworth…. Coming off a 93-win season and sporting one of the youngest, most talented rosters in baseball, it looked like the Indians were in a prime position to make some key acquisitions this off-season, just as the Cavaliers were this summer. Unfortunately, Larry Dolan is proving you can’t make much noise in the free-agent market when you’ve got a cheap owner signing the checks.

There’s still time to get something done, of course, but now that you’re not spending the money on Giles — and I hope they don’t invest a lot of money into one of the senior citizen closers out there (Hoffman or Gordon) — why not throw a little more cash Millwood’s way to get that done? What else are you going to spend your money on? Ninety-five games of Nomar Garciaparra? Please. Sure, the upside is great with Nomar, but unless you get him real cheap, the risk may be too much.

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