Isn’t that f’ing ironic?

The Yankees, having clinched the AL East title today, will sit scheduled starter Mike Mussina Sunday against the Red Sox so that Moose can go in game one of the ALDS.

And who’s going to start in Mussina’s place?

Jaret. Wright.

This would be good news if we were talking about the 1997 Jaret Wright, or even the 2004 version that thrived (15-8, 3.28 ERA) under the tutelage of Leo Mazzone. Unfortunately for Tribe fans, the 2005 model will take the mound against the Red Sox in a game the Indians need the Yankees to win. Even worse, the Yanks are expected to rest many of their regulars in preparation for the playoffs.

Rooting for a Yankees win and hoping Jaret Wright can deliver? Guess that’s what happens when you let your destiny slip through your fingers.

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