Why Howry?

The only problem I had with last night’s game was how Wedge used his bullpen. Bobby Howry had pitched two nights in a row and got hit pretty hard the night before. I don’t necessarily have a problem with running him out there in the eighth last night — he’s probably your best reliever, especially with the loss of Rhodes — but I have absolutely no idea why Howry was still out there in the ninth with an 8-0 lead.

Fine, they’ve got an off day today, which will give Howry an extra day of rest. Whatever. You’re still talking about a guy with a history of arm problems who right now is probably the most important guy in your bullpen (yes, more than Bob Wickman). He’s now pitched three nights in a row. You’ve got an eight-run lead. If anything, the off day is even more of a reason to sit him for the ninth rather than running him out there for another 13 pitches. You’ve got to keep these guys fresh, not run them into the ground, especially when the game has already been decided.

Then again, maybe Wedge figured his ‘pen wasn’t going to get much in the next few days with a weekend trip to KC slated next.

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