Shapiro screwed up

So let me get this straight.

Aaron Boone is hitting .158 with four homers and a .261 slugging percentage. Ryan Ludwick has just as many home runs in 112 fewer at-bats with a .512 slugging percentage. So who gets bumped to make room for Juan Gonzalez?

Not the guy with 24 hits and 35 strikeouts on the year. Not the guy with seven errors and a .942 fielding percentage. Not the guy who’s coming off major knee surgery.

And, most importantly, not the guy who actually has options left.

Mark Shapiro placing so much faith in Juan Gonzalez was a severe miscalculation. If you want to bring this guy up and find out what he’s got left, great — I was anxious to see just how much Gonzalez could contribute. But not at the expense of losing Ryan Ludwick. If I’ve got to choose between Aaron Boone and Ryan Ludwick, understanding that Boone can be sent to the minors without first passing through waivers, I choose Ludwick every time. Shapiro rolled the dice and now that Gonzalez is back on the DL — after one at-bat!? — the Indians are forced to choose between calling up some Triple-A scrub like Ernie Young or activating Coco Crisp a week earlier than they wanted to.

Wow, those are two really fantastic options. Better yet, let’s jump in the ol’ time machine, send Boone’s ass down to Triple-A so he can find his swing, and keep Ryan Ludwick around. Shapiro really screwed this one up. This situation reminds me of the Brian Giles fiasco, but at least John Hart got Ricardo Rincon for Giles.

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