Cavs already out of Jackson hunt?

Phil Jackson will not be the next Cavaliers coach, at least according to the New York Post. The Post reports that Jackson has narrowed his choices down to the Lakers and Knicks just days after the Cavs had preliminary talks with the legendary coach.

I’m sorry, but I’m not buying it, not from the New York Post, anyway. I’ve been saying that Jackson was going to be the next Cavs coach since the day Paul Silas was fired, so admittedly I may be a little biased, but of the three openings (Knicks, Cavs and Lakers), the Knicks job has to be the least attractive by a country mile. If Jackson’s going to eliminate one of the options this early in the game, it’d be the Knicks. Then again, he may just be using the Knicks job as leverage against the Lakers to help drive up his price but reports have consistently said that Cavs owner Dan Gilbert would pay whatever it takes to get Jackson, so I don’t see how erasing Cleveland from the equation really makes sense for Jackson.

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