Why Cleveland is Jackson’s best bet

ESPN Insider Chad Ford laid out his reasons as to why he feels Phil Jackson should choose the Cavaliers over the Lakers, Knicks, Blazers and any other team competing for his services. He made several great points, among them:

*The Cavs could have nearly $20 million under the cap to work with, depending on what they do with Z.
*Dan Gilbert is desperate for a big name, which means he’ll top any offers for Jackson, he’s willing to spend whatever it takes to turn the Cavs into a first-class organization, and he’ll likely give Phil complete control of the organization, including final say on personnel decisions.
*The East is much more wide open than the West.

Of course, the main selling point is having the league’s brightest young star, a surefire future MVP, on your roster. LeBron alone will perk Jackson’s interest.

Again, I have a hard time believing that Phil could pass up this kind of golden opportunity. Ford basically confirms that Jackson would have free reign in Cleveland, and combined with the chance to coach a kid like LeBron, you’ve got the league’s most attractive coaching vacancy. In fact, in Ford’s words, “The Cavs’ gig is the best open job in the NBA right now.” I couldn’t agree more.

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