Bengals and Ratbirds pick up solid players

The Browns picked the right guy in Braylon Edwards, but they weren’t the only ones in the AFC Central who made good selections today. The Bengals nabbed Georgia DE David Pollack, one of the guys reportedly on the Browns’ radar had they been able to trade down. An undersized guy with a non-stop motor, Pollack will be pressuring Browns QBs for years to come.

Torry Holt, working the draft for ESPN, loves the Ravens’ selection at #22, Oklahoma receiver Mark Clayton. He’s small (5-10, 193) but this kid’s ultra-talented and pretty damn quick. The Ravens filled a big need here (remember the botched Terrell Owens trade?) and Kyle Boller gets some help on draft day. Judging by his first two years in the NFL, he needs it.

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