Draft Eve

This is going to be an interesting one, folks. Nobody knows who’s going where — nobody, not even the players — which means there will be plenty of drama tomorrow afternoon. ESPN Insider is now reporting that the 49ers could pass on Alex Smith and Aaron Rodgers, instead selecting Braylon Edwards with the first overall pick. The ‘Niners and Smith reportedly are far apart in contract negotiations, with both sides conceding that a deal will not be done by the draft.

This potentially is good and bad news for the Browns. If they want Edwards at three, then obviously this isn’t a good development, but if Smith is the top guy on their board, as some people claim he is, then Phil Savage could be smiling right now. Of course, if Edwards goes #1, the Buccaneers may very well trade up to #2 with the Dolphins to nab Smith, leaving the Browns in a tough position. Do they reach for their top defensive player? Do they try to trade down, hoping someone who wants one of the top running backs will be willing to deal? Do they take Mike Williams?

I’ve said all along that if Edwards and Smith are both gone and the Browns are unable to move down, Mike Williams should be the pick. This guy’s a beast (6-5, 229) and although he’s not a burner, he knows how to get open and make plays on the ball. I know everyone’s talking about taking a defender here but getting a top receiver like Edwards or Williams and teaming him with Kellen Winslow immediately improves the entire offense. You can get solid linebackers and defensive linemen later in the draft, but not receivers the caliber of Edwards and Williams.

Incidentally, ESPN’s Mock Draft had Smith going #1, Rodgers #2 and Edwards #3, with neither of the top-three teams able to move down. With all the trade talk swirling around, I’d be surprised if none of the top-three teams are able to deal their picks, but stranger things have happened.

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