Paxson fired, Malone told to get lost

It has begun. A season once full of so much promise ended in so much disappointment, and now the Cavaliers have fired general manager Jim Paxson. It was a move everyone expected considering the rumors that owner Dan Gilbert was ready to can Paxson weeks ago, and the announcement jumpstarts an offseason sure to feature widespread changes for the Cavaliers.

And in a bit of news that doesn’t really qualify as news, the Cavs told interim head coach Brendan Malone that he would not be considered for the team’s head-coaching vacancy. Duh. You don’t fire a guy like Paul Silas to replace him with Brendan Malone.

Which, of course, leads to the next logical question: Who will be the Cavaliers’ new coach and GM? By now, everybody knows that Gilbert wants to attract big-name talent for this team, hoping that someone like Phil Jackson or Flip Saunders will help convince LeBron that Cleveland is where he wants to be. And honestly, if he fails to land Jackson, Saunders or maybe a guy like Larry Brown, Gilbert will look like an even bigger schmuck than he already is. That said, I don’t think he’ll have a problem luring one of the top head-coaching candidates to Cleveland for the simple fact that few people will pass on the opportunity to coach a guy like LeBron. As for Jackson, he’s already coached MJ, and the allure of coaching the “Next Jordan” may be too much to ignore.

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