Draft Profile: David Pollack

Another guy who makes more sense for the Browns if they?re able to trade out of the third slot, David Pollack is a relentless pass rusher who recorded 36 sacks in his collegiate career at Georgia. A two-time recipient of the Ted Hendricks Award (top defensive end) and the 2004 winner of the Lombardi Award (top lineman), Pollack fits in with guys like Shawne Merriman and Derrick Johnson as someone the Browns would look at as a defensive end/outside linebacker who can put consistent pressure on the quarterback. At 6-3, Pollack doesn?t have ideal size for a defensive end but he makes up for it with great instincts and a non-stop motor, drawing comparisons to New England linebacker Tedy Brusci for his playmaking abilities. Like Merriman and Johnson, Pollack may be a reach at #3 but with so few truly elite players in this draft class, don?t be surprised to see the former Bulldog go higher than some expected.

Matt Hayes from FOX Sports says Pollack may not stack up to other defensive ends on paper but the things that set him apart from typical workout warriors can?t be measured with a tape measure or clocked with a stopwatch.

CBS Sportsline?s Clark Judge says Pollack may not be perfect, but he?s definitely a player.

Finally, Peter Dougherty from PackersNews.com says Pollack?s solid work ethic makes him one of the safest picks among defensive ends in this year?s draft.

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