C.C. guarantees a division title

I was only able to catch a small portion of C.C. Sabathia’s interview with Rome today, but what I heard made me smile. They were talking about Sabathia’s comments that he hated the Twins, and C.C. said that while he has several friends on Minnesota (Torii Hunter and Jacque Jones were two of the guys he mentioned), he hates the Twins because they have what he wants: the division crown. He added that the really frustrating thing is that, for the past couple years he felt like the Indians had a better team but the Twins have still consistently beat them. Then, he guaranteed the Tribe would win the Central this season. When Rome asked him for confirmation, C.C. said they’d “definitely” win the division.

I love it. You’ve got to love that kind of confidence. You get the feeling that the entire team feels the same way, kind of like the Indians of the mid-90s did. They’re good, and they know it and, better yet, they’re ready to prove it. If nothing else, C.C.’s comments add fuel to an already flammable rivalry with the Twins.

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