Late Tribe rally falls short

A ninth-inning Ryan Ludwick homer wasn’t enough as the Indians fell to the Twins 6-4 Saturday afternoon. Of course, hindsight is 20/20 but I didn’t understand why Kevin Millwood, who was brilliant again through most of his outing today, was back on the hill in the eighth with a pitch count up over 100. Sure, aside from a three-run homer to Lew Ford in the sixth, Millwood dominated the Twins lineup all afternoon but if you’re down 3-2 in the eighth and your starter has already eclipsed 100 pitches, it’s time to turn it over to your bullpen, especially this early in the season. Instead, Wedge kept Millwood in and, after allowing a single and a walk to the inning’s first two hitters, Millwood surrendered what proved to be a decisive three-run home run to Torii Hunter. Again, it’s easy to criticize after the fact but in that situation, I think Wedge needs to pat Millwood on the back for another job well done and then call on his deep bullpen to keep the score close.

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