Cavs blow a gimme to the Knicks

Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. The Cavaliers are fighting for their playoff lives at 40-37; the Knicks, at 30-47, have been out of the playoff picture for months. So which team came out Thursday night energized and focused? The Knicks, obviously, beating the Cavs 95-89.

“You have to be ashamed of yourselves,” Austin Carr said of the Cavaliers in the closing seconds of tonight’s TV telecast, and he’s absolutely right. This is a game you have to win against a team you have to beat, with the next three games coming against three playoff clubs (Washington, Detroit and Boston). Zydrunas Ilgauskas returned after missing four games with a dislocated finger. The 76ers, who started the night one game behind the Cavs, were playing Shaq and the Heat, meaning that realistically they could’ve gained an extra game in the standings on Philly.

Instead, the Cavs came out flat and, aside from a brief stretch in the third quarter, they were flat all game. A win tonight would’ve set the Cavaliers up nicely in the playoff standings. Now, they’re circling the drain.

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