Wick meltdown

Bob Wickman has always scared me. ALWAYS. His meltdown this afternoon (4 hits, 4 ER, 1 out, 1 blown save) will not be the last of the season. I mean, the Sox were teeing off on Wickman in the ninth — Paul Konerko crushed his homer and Jermaine Dye sent his shot into orbit. Even Juan Uribe sent Casey Blake to the track in right with the bases loaded.

The good news is, Arthur Rhodes mowed down Chicago’s hitters in his 1.1 innings of work, striking out two and giving up just one hit in an efficient 19 pitches. There are several good arms in the bullpen, but if Arthur Rhodes can start pitching like he was with Seattle a couple years ago, he’ll be the best of the lot.

One thing’s for certain — Wickman better recover quickly or he’ll find himself demoted. There are too many talented guys behind him that could take over the ninth inning if he’s ineffective for long.

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