Excellent Cavs breakdown

An ESPN Insider article (subscription required, unfortunately) by John Hollinger offers some compelling analysis of the Cavs’ backcourt problems, concluding that the team’s best option is to play Eric Snow and Jeff McInnis together. Hollinger suggest that, rather than relying on ineffective players like Lucious Harris, Jiri Welsch, Ira Newble and Sasha Pavlovic, McInnis should be starting at the two alongside Snow, not bolted to the bench (‘DNPs-Coach’s Decision’ each of the last two games). Plus, you’ve also got LeBron creating instead of running the point, and the Cavs are a much better team when LeBron’s not bringing the ball up the court.

Hey, they’ve lost nine of 12 and are plummeting out of the playoff race. This makes more sense than playing Jiri Welsch 16 minutes a night.

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