Brendan Malone 1-0

I didn’t get a chance to watch the game, but I saw the Cavaliers, under interim head coach Brendan Malone, waxed the defending champion Pistons 91-76 Tuesday night. A quick look at the box score is very telling, with Eric Snow getting the start over Jeff McInnis while McInnis, Lucious Harris and Anderson Varejao each logged 20-plus minutes off the bench.

But after all this talk yesterday about the team relying too heavily on LeBron, he still played 43 minutes, the most for either team, while hitting for 29 points, six boards and six assists. Snow, meanwhile, notched 10 assists vs. just one turnover in his 25 minutes while McInnis, despite logging comparable playing time, scored just four points with three assists and two turnovers. It’ll be interesting to see how Malone handles his point-guard minutes — he may keep splitting the time pretty evenly, though tonight’s stat line perhaps suggests that Snow should be seeing the bulk of the PT.

Finally, a couple other notes of interest: Tractor Traylor, one of Silas’ guys, played just 12 minutes while Sasha Pavlovic, who everyone seems to think Silas should’ve played more, only saw seven minutes of action. Still, a win’s a win, and with Washington currently getting blown out by Denver, the Cavs should find themselves tied for the fourth seed by night’s end.

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