Cleaning house

I figured it only made sense to talk about the dawn of the Romeo Crennel era in the first entry for the new

I love it, I love everything Romeo and Phil Savage are doing. They’re cleaning house, gutting the roster, and I couldn’t be happier. Yeah, it sucks that we had to settle for a fourth-round pick from the Broncos for Warren, after blowing the third overall pick in the 2001 draft for him. But honestly, I would?ve been happy if they just outright cut Warren. A fourth-round pick is gravy.

And Robert Griffith? See ya! He was supposed to be a big tackler, but all he did was miss big tackles. Glad to see him go too.

Then there?s Anthony Henry, the guy who picked off 10 passes as a rookie. While playing primarily in nickel packages. As a starter? Not the ball hawk everyone thought he was. Henry is still a solid corner, a guy who generally gets a good jump on the ball and can make a big play, but with this year?s free-agent pool being insanely deep in terms of defensive-back talent, it doesn?t make sense to pay Henry the kind of money he?s asking for.

Crennel and Savage are doing it the right way. Warren, Griffith and Henry are gone, and William Green may have already put his house on the market, with a trade or release in his near future. Let?s start fresh. Throw all the dead weight overboard and bring in your team. I may not have necessarily agreed with the decision to cut Jeff Garcia, but I?m just glad these two guys are the ones making those decisions.

That said, I hope we start seeing some free-agent activity soon. Go get one of those corners, or how about a tackle? As for the draft, man, I?d love to see them trade down, maybe even twice, into the middle of the first round. Stockpile those picks.

[As a side note, I saw Kellen Winslow at the mall the other day, piling one throwback after another ? I think I saw a Steve Young Buccaneers jersey in there ? onto the counter at a Sportstown. He said he was feeling pretty good, and he looked like he was in great shape ? he?s freaking huge, a lot bigger than I thought he was.]

Editor’s Note:
Anthony Henry has already agreed to a five-year deal with the Cowboys, which includes a $10 million signing bonus. Um…pass. [LINK]

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