Browns finally turning heads

The Cleveland Browns aren’t about to take a back seat to the Indians and Cavaliers when it comes to national attention. This year’s free agency has everyone around the league finally looking at the Browns. The Browns have created an offensive line that will boast both power and speed. They also look strong at the skilled positions.
Cleveland has nine picks in the draft, so the Browns management still has an opportunity to add to the already talented core of players.

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Playoffs? Believe it!

LeBron James saw the opportunity to send his Cavaliers to their first playoff appearance in eight years and didn’t let anyone stand in his way. He was almost unstoppable, scoring 46 points on 16-23 from the field as the Cavs clinched a spot in the Eastern Conference playoffs with their 107-94 home win over the Dallas Mavericks Wednesday night. Whatever Mike Brown said at halftime must have worked because the Cavs exploded in the third quarter, outscoring the Mavs 35-16. LeBron had a comical take on finally making it to the playoffs.

“I’ve always felt since I was drafted here that I was going to light it up like Vegas,” James said. “I said that on Day One once I got drafted. It’s been slow progress, but it takes a few years to put a building up in Vegas, too.”

Congrats Cavs! The playoffs have been long overdue and the team as well as the entire city deserves this.

Tribe locks up Grady

The Indians signed Grady Sizemore to a $23.45 million, six-year contract. This represents the most guaranteed money for a player with less than two years of MLB service. Say what you want about Dolan, but with Mark Shapiro’s help, the Tribe is putting together one hell of a team for the future.

James continues to silence critics

LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers are continuing to prove all the critics wrong. James received player of the week for the fourth time this year. This is the same player that everyone, including our local writers, continued to question his ability to close a game. Charles Barkley (TNT) and Roger Brown (Plain Dealer) continue to amaze me with there criticism of James.
LeBron is a team player that feels “everyone” should contribute and is learning when to pass the ball and when to shoot it. James and the Cavs are heading to the playoffs and the only question is who they will play in the first round.

The Browns give us reason to smile

The Cleveland Browns are suddenly coming into the 2006 season with high expectations. John Collins resigned, leaving Phil Savage and Romeo Crennel with complete control of the team. This allowed them to become very aggressive in the free agent market.
The Browns President Randy Lerner speaks optimistically about how the Browns future needs to have stability and continuity. As an optimistic Browns fan, I finally have reason to believe that the Cleveland Browns are back and ready to make us proud again.

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