Sylvester comes up big

The Buckeyes extended their unbeaten streak to 10 games with a 78-76 win over LSU. It was Matt Sylvester with the game winning 3-pointer with 5.5 seconds left.

This was a crucial win for the Buckeyes and showed that they have the heart and character to battle it out in tough games. They were down 15 points with under six minutes to play but still battled back to be in a position to win with mere seconds left. This team is tough and is going to be one of the big players in the Big Ten this season.

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A signature win

The NBA has been put on notice…the Cavs are for real. Detroit’s 9 game win streak ends at the Q. The Pistons, best team in the NBA, were never really in the game. They made a few runs, but after the 1st quarter, they got no closer than 10 points. Lebron just keeps dominating in every statistical category, and when the Pistons had a spurt in the 4th quarter, it was Lebron who brought it to a halt. They are for real.

Lerner vs. Savage?

That’s what this story on Fox Sports makes it sound like.

It may sound funny, even ludicrous, but if Savage is finally fired in Cleveland after less than one year on the job, it’s because Lerner didn’t like him. Simple as that.

Whatever’s going on, this situation, where you’ve got the entire sports media universe saying he’s fired, and the Browns saying he’s not, is untenable.

Who the hell is Ray Anderson?

And how did he get into ESPN’s story about Phil Savage getting fired? Don’t ask Randy Lerner.’s story even named a possible replacement: Atlanta Falcons vice president Ray Anderson. “I have never met Ray Anderson in my life,” Lerner said. “And I have never had a conversation with Ray Anderson and I have never had a discussion with anybody at any time about Ray Anderson having a role with the Cleveland Browns.”

Allrighty, then.

ESPN stands firm, Browns still deny

This is getting very interesting. As of this morning, ESPN still stands by their “Savage gonna be fired” story, continues to scroll it on ESPNews along with the John Collins denial of the original Chris Mortensen report, and has this on

Mortensen, however, has confirmed the team’s plan with several sources, and stands by his report.

And the Browns have this on their website.

In response to rumors that were widely circulated today, the Cleveland Browns wish to reiterate that Phil Savage is and will continue to be our senior vice president and general manager.

Something is definitely going on here.

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