Sabathia solid again as Indians win

The Indians got another great performance by ace C.C Sabathia as they edged the White Sox 4-3 Tuesday night. He allowed only two unearned runs in six innings and got his fifth win of the month. The White Sox were able to take an early lead with a Jermaine Dye solo homer in the first. They were able to add two more in the second, partially due to Victor Martinez’s throwing error to first base. However, the Tribe came right back in the bottom of the inning and scored four. Jhonny Peralta had a two-run line drive home run and Travis Hafner and Martinez both followed with doubles. The Tribe bullpen did a superb job holding the one run lead and Bob Wickman picked up his eighth save of the season.

“That was awesome,” Sabathia said of the performance of the much-improved ‘pen. “If we can get that every night, the starters will be a lot more comfortable coming out of the game after the sixth.”

Sabathia was really impressive in a couple of situations. In the fifth when the Sox had two on, C.C battled with Konerko and ended up striking him out. The next inning, Sizemore, Michaels, and Peralta had communication problems on a high fly ball that dropped between the three to put runners on first and second with one out. With the game being tight, C.C really focused following the blunder and retired the next two hitters. The old Sabathia would have gotten upset when his defense would make a mistake and would let it affect his performance. The new and improved C.C did not let it go to his head and just did his job. The game was close and he showed great poise on the mound in those two innings.

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Sauerbeck runs and hides from cops

You can’t make this stuff up:

Cleveland Indians pitcher Scott Sauerbeck was arrested early Tuesday after he and a woman fled from his vehicle and were found hiding behind bushes, police said.

Sauerbeck, 34, of nearby Avon, was the passenger in his car, which a patrolman saw weaving. The vehicle pulled into a driveway and the driver, Lily Miller, and Sauerbeck got out, walked into the backyard and jumped a fence, according to a police report.

The owner of the house reported hearing voices outside and police found Sauerbeck and Miller hiding between the home and some bushes.

Miller reportedly blew a 0.253, more than three times the legal limit, and faces DUI and obstructing official business charges. Sauerbeck, meanwhile, was charged with obstructing official business and wrongful entrustment, apparently for allowing someone who was shit-canned drunk to drive his car.

All of which makes you wonder: If letting Miller drive was the best option available, exactly how smashed was Sauerbeck?

Roda Ramblings

Kenny Roda will be writing a weekly blog on Cleveland Scores covering the entire Cleveland sports universe. Check back often for his updates!

What is the one common denominator about the Indians over the last three plus seasons? Veterans have come and gone. High priced free agents haven’t been retained. Some young prospects have made the big league squad, while some haven’t. All are different variables but the one constant through all of this is manager Eric Wedge. For the fourth straight season the Indians will head into the month of June at the .500 mark or below. If the manager and the players aren’t going to show up for the first two months of the season, why should the fans? Maybe Eric Wedge shouldn’t show up at all.

Let the Wedge Watch Begin!


The Tribe is ranked second in the majors with a .291 batting average. That’s the good news. The bad? Well, there’s plenty. The Wahoo Warriors are 23rd in the Bigs in pitching with a 4.79 team ERA. In the fielding category, the Indians are 25th with a
.979 percentage and 38 errors. In stolen bases, the Tribe has given up 37 in 42 attempts, ranking them 29th in the league in stopping the running game. Last season the Tribe finished a major league worst 22-36 in one-run games, a miserable .379 winning percentage. This season they are already 4-5 in these kind of games. At least they’re consistent! As far as where they rank in the base running category, let’s just say they’re a notch or two below the Bad News Bears! So what does all this mean? The Indians continue to be fundamentally inept, which is directly related to the leadership, or lack thereof, they get from manager Eric Wedge. As the old baseball saying goes, “A team takes on the personality of its manager”. What exactly is the personality of this team?

Let the Wedge Watch Begin!


Barry Bonds just passed Babe Ruth for second place on the all-time home run list with 715. Thirty-eight year old Andrew Morbitzer, who cared so much about Bonds and his chase of passing Ruth, was at the concession stand getting his new bride some peanuts and beer when Bonds came to the plate and hit the historic home run. Somehow the ball was dropped by a few fans in center field and ended up around the concession stand where Morbitzer was standing. He quickly picked it up and was escorted away by security for protection. I can honestly say that if I were Morbitzer I would see how much I could get for the ball and try to cash in big time. But there is also a part of me that would take that ball and buy a syringe and all of the steroids that Bonds allegedly took, and put it on display. I’d take the ball, stick the syringe into it, surround it with all the different types of steroids and put my ticket stub with it along with baseball cards and photos. Don’t you think that would be an appropriate way to pay homage?

Oh yeah, one more thing on the egomaniac and control freak, Barry Bonds. Nice to see that while he was struggling to tie and break “The Bambino’s” mark he wouldn’t speak to the media. But as soon as he eclipsed it, he couldn’t wait to do the press conference and hear how great he was from some members of the media and, of course, himself. Wouldn’t it have been great if the media just ignored him? The Barry would have had to interview Barry and a new reality show would have been born, “Barry Talks to Barry”. Would Barry have answered his own questions? Only Barry knows.


As my buddy Michael Reghi likes to say, “You can book this one to the Cavaliers!” In the upcoming June 28th draft, the Wine and Gold will select a point guard with one of their three picks and then look to get a rebounding big and possibly a shooter. They have picks 25, 42 and 55 in the two-round draft. This draft is considered average, with no true superstars and only a handful of projected starters. In fact, there is no standout, true number 1 pick. The Toronto Raptors are reportedly listening to offers already because they’re not sure who to take with the first overall pick. The good thing for the Cavs is there should be a number of point guards to choose from by the time it is their turn to draft in the first round. Consider the following. Kyle Lowery – Villanova, Rajon Rondo – Kentucky, Jordan Farmar – UCLA, Mardy Collins – Temple, Curtis Stinson – Iowa St., Dee Brown – Illinois, Guillermo Diaz – Miami, Sergio Rodriguez – Spain, and Quincy Douby – Rutgers.

The best point guard in the draft, who unfortunately won’t be available, is UConn floor general Maurice Williams. He should go in the top ten, if not higher. If he falls, it would be a smart move for General Manager Danny Ferry to get on the phone and see if he could move up to get him. But that’s more wishful thinking than anything.

WHO”S #1?

Here are three candidates to be the first overall pick.

PF – Andrea Bargnani – Italy. He’s 7’0”, 225 pounds and only 20 years old. He’s compared to Dirk Nowitski because of his feathery outside touch, great first step and his knowledge for the game.

PF – Tyrus Thomas – LSU. The 6’9”, 230-pounder has a great wing span and uses it on the defensive end effectively. Scouts also love his heart and desire and many consider him to have the biggest upside of anyone in this draft.

PF – LaMarcus Aldridge – Texas. At 6’11”, 240, he has the build that most NBA GMs are looking for to play the power forward position. Add to that an above average basketball IQ and great athleticism, Toronto is going to have a tough time passing on this kid.

So while this isn’t considered to be one of the better drafts in recent years, there’s a good chance that the first overall pick will be a power forward, most likely one of the three names above.

One final thought. Let the Wedge Watch Begin!

Browns update as Tribe fades

The Cleveland Browns continue to build a complete offense to support their lack of experience at the quarterback position next season. The Browns offensive line looks stronger and deeper than it has since Cleveland returned to the league.

Phil Savage, showing support for his two young quarterbacks said the Browns won’t sign a “name” older quarterback for fan security. He feels that the line and skilled positions are talented enough to give Charlie Frye the support he needs to succeed.

The team will have many offensive weapons and it will be interesting to see if Maurice Carthon knows how to use them. I don’t believe the Browns can rely on their defensive during this transition of players and defensive schemes, so it’s important to keep the offensive on the attack.

Thome homers twice as Sox shutout Tribe

The Indians’ promising game Sunday did not carry over into Memorial Day. Their holiday was anything but fun and enjoyable as they were hammered by the White Sox 11-0 Monday afternoon. The game was rough from the start as Cliff Lee was rocked for seven runs in 2 2/3 innings. Lee gave up three bombs, including one in the first inning to Jim Thome, who had two on the day. Javier Vazquez was dominant for the ChiSox and the Indians’ anemic offense couldn’t do anything all day, which finished with only two base hits. For the Indians, when it rains, it poors. Aaron Boone, attempting to catch a foul ball near the camera bay, went head over heels and winded up banging his head and getting a mild concussion.

Jhonny Peralta is really starting to annoy me. In the first inning, he gave somewhat of a nonchalant effort towards a hard ground ball hit to him. The ball went right past him and although it would not have made a difference in the outcome of the game, the play once again emphasizes Peralta’s laziness. I’m sure he is trying but it with his body language sometimes it just doesn’t seem like he’s giving full effort on plays.

“It was one of those days,” Lee said, “where nothing went our way.”

Umm, Cliff, nothing has been going your way for awhile now, not just today. Sabathia needs to be the stopper tomorrow and get us a victory.

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