Man, did Cleveland get more physical

The title above is a quote from Mel Kiper’s positive review of the Browns’ first round picks:

Danny Shelton is an immediate-impact player in Cleveland. And by the way, I know some people question Cameron Erving. But when Alex Mack got hurt last year, the offense fell off a cliff, and Erving isn’t just insurance, he’s versatile and can start elsewhere. Man, did Cleveland get more physical.

The Browns didn’t get cute in round one, and decided to added needed size, muscle and versatility to both lines. The NFC North is a physical division, and both of these picks are more in line with what we’ve come to expect from the Steelers and Ravens over the years.

In the video above, you also see some positive reviews of the Shelton pick, even from well-groomed Brady Quinn of all people.

With the Erving pick, you’ll definitely have some analysts criticizing the Browns again for passing on a wide receiver. Pete Prisco mentioned that in his initial analysis when he questioned this pick, but here in this video he and the others address the versatility that Erving brings to the offensive line.

With the Alex Mack situation in flux and the dropoff we saw last year when Mack got hurt, this is another pick that makes a ton of sense. Many suspect that Erving will start at right guard or right tackle next year, and then step in at center if Mack bolts.

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