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Will the Cavs take Harrison Barnes?

The Cavs didn’t win the lottery tonight and they ended up with the #4 pick. Chad Ford has the Cavs taking Harrison Barnes with that pick, while the USA Today mock draft has them taking Andre Drummond.

I don’t know these players well enough, but Harrison Barnes seems like a great fit for the Cavs. Drummond seems like way to much of a risk, while Barnes is an excellent shooter and defender and he has great basketball IQ. His floor seems very high, and while he may not be the most athletic small forward, he seems pretty impressive in the highlight video above.

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Keeping Track of the Game Anywhere

Image Courtesy of Flickr

Today people live busier lives than ever before. While it’s true that every generation seems to get busier than the last one was, today it almost seems like even keeping track of your favorite teams is getting to be a serious challenge. Between working, family obligations and keeping up with house and car maintenance, it can be a serious challenge trying to make everything work long enough to steal away and catch your game of choice.

The good news is that you can still catch a game. You can relish the game, in fact. So whether you’re out to follow the Indians, the Cavaliers, the Monsters or even your favorite local skaters, you can finally find time to do it. The big secret isn’t one, and all it really takes is a Windows phone and the wherewithal to figure out how to use it properly. It’s a definite labor of love, but it pays off the first time you catch a truly great play.

Big Plays

There’s a pretty pronounced difference between an ordinary play and a big play. When you hear about an ordinary play, it might be something that’s athletically impressive and interesting to hear about. But when you hear about a big play and you missed out on it, you tend to genuinely feel sorry for not being able to look back on that. When you see a really big play, it becomes a part of you in a way that’s hard to describe.

Unfortunately, there was a time not that long ago when an imperfect memory was the best you could do. If you weren’t there, you couldn’t do much but hear the stories and wish you’d been able to be there in that moment. However, nowadays a good smart phone can let you do way more than that. You can both catch the big plays as they’re happening and actually record them in a lot of cases. Some phones even let you catch and edit videos, so you can make your own highlight reel.

Making the Time

Have you ever heard the old saying that if you really value something, you will always make the time for it? While you only get the standard 24 hours in your day like everybody else does, you don’t have to let the best plays get past you. In some cases, you can actually be doing something entirely different and occasionally steal away to catch something that’s bound to be awesome. It’s a little bit like that multitasking stuff women seem to be naturally gifted at.

Multitasking for Guys

As guys, it can be hard to multitask. You get into doing one thing, and it just seems like you can’t pull away for anything. But when multitasking is nothing more than being able to snatch the occasional glance at your phone, it becomes a lot easier. You can walk the dog, mow the lawn and change the oil without having to race inside to catch the best plays. Isn’t technology wonderful?

Kyrie Irving wins NBA Rookie of the Year award

Anyone want to question the Kyrie Irving draft pick now?

Kyrie capped off a tremendous rookie season by being named Rookie of the Year. Mr. Clutch put on a show all season long as you can see in the video above, and the Cavs now have a superstar to build around.

Joe Haden analyzes 2012 NFL Draft

Joe Haden talks about the draft picks, and also explains that the offseason preparation will help the defense get better.

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