Shaun Rogers is out for the season

Mary Kay Cabot is reporting that Shaun Rogers is done for the season. It’s a big blow for a Browns team that has only managed one ugly win all season.

Rogers has been having a great year, and the defense played fairly well against Cincinnati giving up just 16 points. But injuries are now piling up.

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Hilarious Grady Sizemore photos

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It’s been a crazy weekend in sports with the Tiger Woods fiasco. Now Grady Sizemore is in the news and he can’t be very happy about it.

Some very funny and very revealing photos of Sizemore have been leaked onto the web. It looks like he took the photos of himself, and one of them has him nude with his johnson covered by a coffee mug. Grady is dating Playboy Playmate Brittany Binger and one report claims that she leaked the photos on the web. According to, Sizemore has started legal action to have the photos removed. Good luck. If he took them and sent them to his girlfriend, I don’t think he can prevent her from releasing them. Now, if they were stolen . . .

“These pictures were stolen illegally from my girlfriend’s email,” Sizemore told The Plain Dealer on Sunday night. “It’s now a legal matter that is under investigation. I can’t say anything more.”

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. As one of the articles noted, celebrities need to understand that they shouldn’t be taking crazy pics like this. The stuff always gets out.

It’s hard to feel too sorry for Grady considering he was stupid enough to take the pics and he gets to hang out with the beautiful Brittany.

Rose Bowl bound

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Ohio State moved up to #8 in the BCS rankings tonight after Georgia Tech and Pitt lost this weekend. If we had an eight-team playoff based on the BCS with a home/away system for the first round (followed by the final four in the bowls and then a final championship game), Ohio State would be going on to play the winner of the Florida – Alabama game in the first round. Anyone who says a playoff would lessen interest in regular season games is an idiot. Ohio State fans would have been glued to the tube this weekend hoping for upsets of Georgia Tech and Pitt, and we would have been thrilled at the result.

That said, we’re stuck with the current system, and Ohio State fans are certainly happy to be going to the Rose Bowl for the first time in years. The Buckeyes really don’t have a team that stacks up with the top three teams, though if Terrelle Pryor played well they would be a tough team to beat if a playoff system was in place. I’m sure the #1 seed wouldn’t be thrilled about playing the Buckeyes in the playoff system I described above.

As for Michigan, their fans have to be sick after seeing the Buckeyes handle them again. Jim Tressel is now 8-1 against Michigan. Wow!

Brady Quinn takes a step back

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Many of us were pleasantly surprised by Brady Quinn’s impressive performance last week against the Detroit Lions. Sure, their defense is terrible, but NFL quarterbacks are expected to tear apart bad defenses, so Quinn’s performance represented real progress.

Unfortunately, reality set in this week, as Quinn had trouble hitting his receivers today in Cincinnati. Of course, the play calling sucked (the Browns abandoned the Wildcat) and several receivers dropped passes, but Quinn had serious trouble again with his accuracy. He had trouble with all his throws – short, medium and long. The long throws were laughably off target.

I’m not sure what’s going on here. Perhaps all the problems on offense are making him rush his throws and hurting his accuracy. Maybe it’s the terrible protection (by the way, why does Daboll keep spreading the field on third down when our quarterbacks often end up getting pounded) or bad play-calling. Last week was the only game so far where Quinn looked comfortable and it helped his accuracy.

He certainly needs to stay in there. The Browns need to figure out whether he can be the starter next season. If the Browns make an adjustment, they should focus on offensive coordinator Brian Daboll who is absolutely clueless.

Mangini and Kokinis weren’t getting along

Tony Grossi reports that Eric Mangini and George Kokinis were not getting along as “both men became disenchanted with the other early on.”

This is pretty surprising, given that Kokinis was Mangini’s hand-picked GM. On the other hand, nothing ever seems to go smoothly in Berea under Randy Lerner. There’s been more drama at Browns’ headquarters than we typically see in a full season of Grey’s Anatomy. Remember the turf battles between Phil Savage and former team President John Collins?

It all goes back to Lerner. He’s doing all the hiring here, and then he leaves the building and expects things to run smoothly. Now he’s reportedly bringing in Ernie Accorsi and Bernie Kosar. The Accorsi move in particular would be a great one, but can we expect the drama to cease as long as Lerner’s the owner? Time will tell.

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